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Discover the most unusual museums in Paris

Discover the most unusual museums in Paris

Museum & Exhibitions

Paris boasts more than its fair share of museums. Many are world-famous, some are lesser-known, and a few are rather unusual. Here’s our brief guide to a handful you may not know about.


A timeless escape to the Museum of Fairground Arts

In the district of Bercy hides the extraordinary dream world of the Musée des Arts Forains. Young and old alike will be delighted to discover a unique collection of funfair attractions, artefacts and art dating from the 19th and 20th centuries. You can even try out many of the rides and games on display!

53 Avenue des Terroirs de France, 75012 Paris


Enter a world of illusion in the Museum of Magic

Historic Paris is home to another and equally fantastic museum, the Musée de la Magie, where you’ll find an incredible collection of conjuring tricks, illusions and other stage magic items from the 18th century to today. Actual magicians are in attendance and your visit will end with a magic session... Are you watching carefully?

11 Rue Saint Paul, 75004 Paris


Heaven for connoisseurs at the Museum of Wine

Situated near the Eiffel Tower, the Musée du Vin houses in its vaulted cellars an incredible collection of more than 200 objects and memorabilia related to viticulture, winemaking and the oenological tradition. You’ll be pleased to know that tastings are offered!

5 Square Charles Dickens, 75016 Paris


Succumb to temptation at the Museum of Chocolate

Everything you want to know about chocolate can be discovered in this museum that’s a magnet for chocoholics and the simply curious alike. The Musée du Chocolat tells the fascinating story of cocoa and its derivatives from when it was discovered some 4,000 years until today. It also looks at how various world cultures regard chocolate and examines its benefits as a foodstuff. Don’t miss the demonstrations, culinary workshops and, of course, ... the tastings!

28 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle - 75010 Paris



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