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A top selection of jazz bars in Paris

A top selection of jazz bars in Paris

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Paris is a thriving hub of the jazz world. Atmospheric venues in the city’s vaulted stone cellars have upheld the tradition for decades. Brought to the capital by the great Joséphine Baker before exploding in the cabarets of Pigalle during the Roaring Twenties, this multifaceted musical genre established itself permanently with the opening of the legendary jazz bars of Paris.


The Rue des Lombards; the Golden Triangle of Jazz

The famous Rue des Lombards is where you’ll find the greatest concentration of jazz venues.

An iconic club since 1983, the Sunset/Sunside can be found at number 60. Its vaulted cellars vibrate to the notes of prestigious combos and renowned saxophonists and pianists. Do you like electric jazz? The Sunset is the place to visit! Meanwhile, acoustic jazz buffs can be reassured that the Sunside, located right next door, will meet all their expectations!

Whether you’re a jazz fanatic or just curious, the Rue des Lombards has plenty to offer. At number 42 is the Duc des Lombards, a world centre of the jazz scene that boasts exceptional acoustics and a great ambiance. The list of jazz greats who’ve performed there is so long that it would be pointless to mention them all.

More focused on Afro-Caribbean jazz, salsa, soul and fusion, the Baiser Salé located at number 58 also has a fine reputation for the quality of its rum.

The Petit Journal Saint-Michel; a jazz hotspot in Paris

In the heart of the Latin Quarter, facing the Jardin du Luxembourg, the Petit Journal Saint-Michel is known for its atmospheric cellar with room for 80 people, its warm and friendly vibe and its old school jazz. Here you can regularly enjoy performances by top musicians such as Claude Bolling, Christian Morin, Maxime Saury and many more. It’s also a great place for enjoying traditional French cuisine.



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