" Hôtel historique de charme au cœur de Saint-Germain
des-Prés "

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At Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris Rive Gauche

The Hotel d'Angleterre is a small hotel on rue jacob, a street located on the left bank of the Seine river that has been famous since the Middle Ages for having many establishments frequented by nobility. As soon as you leave the hotel, you can see the eglise of Saint germain des pres, the oldest church in Paris, the café les deux magots where Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-paul Sartre often met, and café de Flore which is well known as a "literary café".

The hotel is in an ideal location, just short walk from such notable sites as the  Louvre museum, the Orsay museum, the Church Saint Sulpice, the Luxembourg gardens and Notre Dame de Paris.



A historic hotel with countless stories

"Angleterre" is the french word for England. On september 3, 1783, preparations for the signing of the Treaty of Paris, recognizing America's independence, were made in the inner garden of this building. At the time, the structure housed the British Embassy.

The story goes that when Benjamin Franklin, the american representative, saw the Union Jack flapping in the wind, he was furious. Shouting "this is British territory!" He refused to enter the building. So the representatives were stuck outside the building for some time. This is how the hotel got name. Incidentally, one of the conditions of the Treaty of Paris was that it should be signed in a third party country.

Ernest Miller Hemingway stayed in room 14 with his wife on december 21,1921. Hemingway loved Paris passionately, and he stayed at the Hotel d'Angleterre on many occasions after that.

In 1927, Charles August Lindberg stayed at this hotel after completing the world's first solo non-stop flight from New York to Paris.


Fashion and art in Paris

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This area, referred to fondly as the "heart of Paris", is cherished by French people as well, and is the birthplace of many trends, with streets lined with luxury boutiques and shops selling popular brands for young people, as well as antique shops and art galleries.

Furthermore, behind the hotel is the national art school "Ecole nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts".

This neighborhood is an intellectual quarter with the scent of literature, loved for generations by many artists and scholars. There is plenty here to satisfy the connoisseur of good foods with restaurants where one can enjoy international cuisine, as well as "marchés" (open markets), popular patisseries and jazz bars . Because this neighborhood is extremely safe, visitors can go out at night in comfort.

There is no end to the charms of Saint Germain des Prés.

Relaxing space

The hotel d'Angleterre is located on one block from lively boulevard Saint Germain, but inside the hotel, guests can enjoy a quiet and restful environment seemingly far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

After waking to the sounds of the chapel bells ringing and the soothing voices of small birds singing, you can enjoy breakfast on a beautiful patio ornamented by seasonal flowers or , in the piano salon, which is adorned with paintings.

You can make yourself at home, and relax as our polite and thoughtful staff help you to make the best of your stay in Paris.

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Service to our customers

The Hotel d'Angleterre aims to guarantee the best stay in Paris.

The quality of service and the availability to our guests is our priority.

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The specials offers

The Breakfast Buffet is offered if you book directly on our website.

it is served from 7:30 to 11:30.

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